ITB has been an active developer of standard software since 1996. With more than 50 employees, we are designing, developing and implementing now standard software in the area of product information management, Internet shops and electronic data exchange. In order to increase our presence for the Swiss customers, ITB-Swiss AG has been founded in 2011. ITB-Austria GmbH has been additionally founded in 2015 to enable our Austrian customers to be effectively serviced.

Our strategy is to develop standard software and introduce it in the customised processes defined by our customers.






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Our tasks

Customers always expect a detailed and individually tailored daily product information. Communicating only with your annual paper catalogue with individual price list or the creative product brochure with a customer tailored detailed range is no longer sufficient, but also offering a personalized shopping possibility via Internet is, nowadays, the standard. The efficient management and maintenance of data is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage for retailers and manufacturers. A central product information management system helps you to link all relevant systems sensibly, and to create an optimal work flow.

As a dealer or manufacturer, managing data and processes is the focus of your daily tasks. Whether managing customer-specific item lists, paper based catalogues or orders - each of these requires time-consuming checks and corrections. And time is money. A time that could be better used to advise your customers.

Our products

What you need is a modern Product Information Management, a PIM. With the modular built software products on the core product MeDaPro, the intelligent product information management system made by ITB, the production processes are simplified, accelerated and the controls are automated - with our procedures working "by touching the button" you can save up to 70% of the production costs of your electronic, Internet or paper based catalogues.

Our Team

No matter the needs, ITB has the right solution for you. We have more than 17 years of experience in PIM, and we are able to offer you the complete range of services and products for product information management systems and electronic trade. Decide for yourself which of the specified standard software components you would like to use. Each product can be used and configured for your personal application needs.


We and our team understand our task as to provide you with competent advice and to solve your tasks at high quality. Together with you, we will find a custom tailored software and service solution for you. In addition to the services provided by our software specialists, you also benefit the comprehensive know-how of our experts in various filed, from eProcurement, graphic design to internet service.

Our locations

We operate from four technical centers in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. Our employees are responsible for the entire ITB-GmbH product range. The headquarters of ITB-GmbH is located in the technology park Dieprahm, in the beautiful Kamp-Lintfort, and it is surrounded by a nature conservation area.
The light-flooded buildings offer the ideal atmosphere to be able to take care of all the needs of our customers.

In 2011, ITB-Swiss AG was founded in Switzerland, in the beautiful city of Cham, about 30 km from Zurich. Since then, the Swiss customers of the ITB-GmbH have been supervised by our experts, from this location.

Since 2015, ITB-Austria GmbH has been operating in Mondsee, so that our customers in Austria can benefit from our competent specialists directly on the spot.

To expand our reach to the north, especially Scandinavia, we have founded ITB-Nordic AB near Malmö in 2016.

Company overview at a glance

  • 2016 Formation of the ITB-Nordic AB
  • 2015 Formation of the ITB-Austria GmbH
  • 2015 Presentation of the TradePro CMS 2015 product
  • 2014 PIM Practice Days in Bremen with a two day program
  • 2014 Presentation of the TradePro 14.0 in Responsive Design
  • 2014 Integration of ETIM in MeDaPro
  • 2014 ITB becomes ETIM member
  • 2013 ITB welcomes 50th employee
  • 2013 PIM Practice Days in Essen with 120 participants
  • 2013 ITB acquires GAS with extended space for further 38 employees
  • 2012 ITB has now more than 40 employees
  • 2012 Purchase of another plot of 6,000 sqm
  • 2012 MeDaPro enters its fourth generation
  • 2011 Formation of the ITB-Swiss AG
  • 2010 Integration of the FactFinder search engine as a standard plug-in
  • 2010 ITB welcomes 75 customers at the PIM Practice Days in Krefeld
  • 2009 ITB acquires a new technical centre with further four new workstations
  • 2009 MeDaPro and TradePro are now available in version 10
  • 2008 Presentation of the integrated translation memory in MeDaPro
  • 2008 New concept and presentation of the e Procurement functionalities in the Internet shop TradePro
  • 2007 ITB has now more than 20 employees
  • 2007 Presentation of the MeDaPro module MeDaPro Publish for the automated publication of paper catalogues in Adobe InDesign
  • 2006 Move to the newly built company building in Kamp-Lintfort am Niederrhein
  • 2005 Presentation of the tested MeDaPro 6.0 and TradePro 6.5 programs
  • 2004 Presentation of the Standard EDI software ConnectPro
  • 2003 Multilingual publication from MeDaPro in Chinese and Cyrillic
  • 2002 ITB becomes a BME certification partner
  • 2002 Start of the annual User Days for our customers
  • 2002 Integration of the Internet-based product care in MeDaPro
  • 2001 Production of the first paper catalogue with over 1000 pages from MeDaPro
  • 1999 Presentation of the Internet Order Center: TradePro
  • 1999 Production of the first database-based catalogue on paper, built on MeDaPro
  • 1998 Presentation of the product configurator Select Pro
  • 1997 Introduction of the first database-driven website with one of our customers
  • 1997 Relocation of the company to the Microelectronica Centrum in Duisburg (nowadays TECTRUM)
  • 1996 Company formation by Frank Quinders and Andreas Nicolai and creation of the first standard software System 12
  • 2001 ITB is one of the first exhibitors at eProcure in Nuremberg


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