EDI / electronic trade - dispatching documents automatically with ConnectPro

The business processes in the company get quicker and more effective because laborious order acceptance by telephone, facsimile or e-mail is replaced. You can save time and money during your day-to-day transactions.

With ConnectPro you can link your merchandise management system to that of your partners and customers, without the functionality or the safety being restricted. ConnectPro is interdisciplinary flexible as connector as well as converter (EDIFACT to XML, for example) to be applied in various scenarios. The possibilities are almost unlimited in this case. In addition, incoming messages can be passed on to other partners, such as to the merchandise management system of a portal customer.

Graphic user interface

ConnectPro - Benutzeroberfläche

The web-based user interface permits easy configuration, administration and monitoring of ConnectPro via the Internet.

All types of message are configured in a tree structure, and, if need be, can be passed on or secured by import and export functions. The incoming messages and templates are easily processed and adapted by the integrated editor. In the process, PlugIns assist in various dialects. The protocol file (logfile) is clear displayed in table form.

Transactions can be followed up with the administration functions. Procedures can be intervened intentionally.

ConnectPro - Transaktion

The transaction security is assured throughout - all incoming and outgoing information can be checked.

Standard transactions and multi-dialect competence

The business connector masters the most important standard transactions after the installation immediately already. The laborious editing of workflows is thus dropped and facilitates the start-up. An extensive library of data formats, which can be expanded at any time, covers the file formats / dialects occurring most frequently.

ConnectPro - Multidialekt-Fähigkeit

Connection to the Internet shop closes the data circulation

ConnectPro - Datenkreislauf

The Internet shop TradoPro offers the customers a comfortable purchasing surroundings so that ConnectPro can be connected to your data circulation completely.

The connection is easy: Fill your Internet shop with your product data. From the Internet or optionally by OCI interface, the customer can directly access his merchandise system in your shop. In both cases, the search for product groups and products in both cases are carried out by clear hierarchic system.

Practical functions, such as Product Finder, facilitate purchasing. Products can be added to the shopping basket at the touch of a button. The dispatch to the merchandise system of the customer is made in the openTRANS format. There, the usual processes can run down, such as releases and budget checks. If the order is approved, it is connected to your merchandise system directly by ConnectPro and be processed there automatically. In such a way, time and costs can be saved again by the sensible link to the Internet shop.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Multi-partner ability - unlimited number of partner links
  • Multi-dialect ability - unlimited number of data formats / message types
  • Flexibly adapt to the most different specifications
  • Safe transaction by atomicity
  • Independent of platform
  • Event handling
  • Sophisticated template technique with powerful macro language for individual adaptation

Example of Solution

Transmit orders to the ERP

All products which have been registered in the Product Information Management system once can be exported without a lot of effort in an electronic catalogue, such as in BMEcat format. For this purpose, the contents of the database are written by means of mapping (an allocation) into the target fields of the requested output format or dialect.



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