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Mrs Andrea Schulte of Müller GmbH is responsible for article and assortment care.

Location-independent article care

Solution example: BMEcat for major customers

ITB - data management - PIM

Starting position

Mrs Schulte, person responsible for the field of occupational safety, works half day from at home. Her task is data maintenance for the newly developed collections.

 Her colleague Mr Ballier, who works for the partner company in Brussels and is responsible for the hose field, also wants to access current product data when on road in order to give the customers detailed information.


Mr Ballier as well as Mrs Meyer access the product data by the online care surface. Mrs Mayer can maintain the data bilingually even by displaying her favoured languages next to each other. Translations become a child's play in this way.

Mr Ballier, in turn, can access these data in detail during talks with customers - from every web-enabled device.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management (optional): MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Web surface for data management: MeDaPro Online

Product information management PIM for the medium-sized companies

Solution example: PIM for the medium-sized companies

ITB - Maintain Data - PIM

Starting position

Müller GmbH is a company of technical trade and has 120 employees. The company has a merchandise management system. The master data, such as article numbers and prices, are contained. All product images and the technical details are scattered around in the company, however - depending on the production range they are administered locally by individual persons responsible.

The paper catalogue of Müller GmbH is produced once a year manually by an external graphic artist. In order to represent all data in the catalogue up-to-date and correctly, up to four manual correction runs have to be carried out.

In addition, a large customer has recently asked about a catalogue in BMEcat format - the managing director does not know at all whether his IT members can carry out this apart from their normal daily work.


Müller GmbH uses a central Product Information Management system. All data are maintained there which shall be available to the customer at a later point. By means of a linkage to the ERP-system, all master data can be passed on to the system instantaneously and need not be maintained twice.

Various export possibilities permit the automated issue of an up-to-date catalogue - be it a paper catalogue, a BMEcat or a Internet-Shop. Even pictures and documents are linked with the Product Information Management system and can be loaded live from the data base for every publication.

Products used
• Product information management-System: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management: MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Internet shop: TradePro
• Preparing electronic catalogues, such as BMEcat: MeDaPro BMEcat
• Creating a paper catalogue: MeDaPro Publish
• Transmitting orders: ConnectPro

Decentralised maintaining assortment

Solution example: Decentralised maintaining assortment

ITB - Product data maintenance - PIM

Starting position

Müller GmbH has a partner company in Belgium. The assortment “hoses” is delivered from there.

Both companies manage their own product assortment.

Both should be synchronised for a common catalogue.


Both companies use a central Product Information Management system which can be synchronised through the Internet.

In this way, every clerk can maintain his or her field, which over night or by online connection is regularly compared with the partner.

Products used
• Produvt information management dystem: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management (optional): MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Synchronisation of individual databases: MeDaPro Sync

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