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Mr Jürgen Hartmann is employed in the Graphics Department, and wants to design catalogues, flyers and brochures quickly and efficiently.

Flyers and brochures

Solution example: High-graphic product brochures

ITB - Solutions for paper catalogues and Flyer

Starting position

Müller GmbH wants to issue a graphically demanding product flyer with eight pages every two month.

The flyer shall be printed in large numbers by the printing shop. The products are different in every issue, but the presentation of the articles in the table shall always look the same.

The in-house graphic artists want to add graphic accents later, which are oriented on thematic anchors, such as fairs or a sales action.


Müller GmbH uses MeDaPro as Product Information Management system to administer their product data.

By means of MeDaPro Publish Direct the products for the flyer are published in the requested basic layout.

The graphic artist takes the individual arrangement of the product groups on the page and can include further changes directly in Adobe InDesign.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Immediate output of the products in Adobe InDesign: MeDaPro Publish Direct

Paper catalogue on the Internet

Solution example: Paper catalogue on the Internet

ITB - Solutions for Internet-Shops and Websites

Starting position

Müller GmbH sells shoes of upscale category. As the assortment changes up to six times a year, the print of a paper catalogue is not worth it. In addition, for cost saving the electronic ordering channel shall take over the role of facsimile ordering.

Despite modernising the process, Müller GmbH does not want to do without the fine Look & Feel of the former paper catalogue.


MeDaPro Publish produces a catalogue document, which subsequently is published in the Internet as a flip catalogue using MeDaPro FlipCatalog.

The FlipCatalog looks the same as the paper catalogue.

Orders pass through TradePro and ConnectPro to the ERP.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management (optional): MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Catalogue production (template): MeDaPro Publish
• Catalogue production (FlipCatalog): MeDaPro FlipCatalog
• Internet shop for order acceptance: TradePro
• Business-Connector to return orders to ERP: ConnectPro

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