Solution example: iPadCatalog with shopping basket function

ITB - iPadCatalog with basket function

Starting position

Marketing manager Sabine Gläser have been looking for an opportunity for quite some time already to produce all catalogues of Müller AG inexpensively, rendering them up-to-date for the customer. With three field-related catalogues in four languages each, this is a real challenge.

Last but not least, the sales force also wants a comfortable possibility to render available the catalogues to the customers without too many costs involved.


MeDaPro Publish or MeDaPro FastPage is used to prepare a catalogue document which is converted to a catalogue app by MeDaPro iPadCatalog.

As Mrs Gläser wants to publish several catalogues, she chose the bookshelf variant. Müller AG bookshelf app is published in Apple Store. Subsequently Mrs Gläser can upload new catalogue variants easily, thus rendering them available to the customers.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management (optional): MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Catalogue production (template): MeDaPro Publish or MeDaPro FastPage
• Catalogue production (iPad catalogue): MeDaPro iPadCatalog

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