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Herbert Müller is the managing director of Müller GmbH. The company has a merchandise management system in which master data and prices are listed.

Production of a paper catalogue

Solution example: Production of a paper catalogue

ITB - Automated paper catalogue production with MeDaPro

Starting position

Müller GmbH produces a paper catalogue of 400 page once every year. The products are illustrated on approx. 370 pages - the remaining pages consist of cover, table of contents and keyword index as well as chapter introductions.

 At the beginning an external graphic artist will receive a list of all products which shall be included in the current issue of the catalogue. Upon request, the person responsible shall render available the product information and pictures to the graphic artist. For checking layouts, product placement and technical data, there are up to four correction runs. Changes are drawn on a paper copy and are manually checked and corrected by the graphic artist. Subsequently the persons responsible transfer the modifications to the merchandise management system.

 In total, a publication process in this way will take just under six months. The managing director asks himself how the catalogue creation will work in future because many customers want a branch catalogue with individual prices in addition. This would have to be presented at the same time with the main catalogue. But, there is not enough budget for a second graphic artist ...


All data, which shall appear in a catalogue later, will be kept centrally in a Product information management system. The persons responsible add any modifications continuously - ensuring that up-to-date data only will appear in the catalogue.

The product pages will then be published automatically by the push of a button in on or several previously designed templates. Customer-specific prices can be taken over as well in the process.

And what about the graphic artist? The design of the cover and intermediate pages can be concentrated on, and the issue can be manually edited after publication. Subsequently the print template can be handed over to the printing shop as a PDF as usual.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management (optional): MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Creating a paper catalogue: MeDaPro Publish

Configure products online.

Solution example: Configure products online

ITB - Solutions for Internet shops und websites

Starting position

Müller GmbH has pneumatic cylinders in its assortment, which are supplied in many different versions.

However, all technically possible combinations shall be taken over in the Internet shop: The customer shall be able to compile his product as required in parts.


TradePro OpenConnect permits certain attributes of an article to be determined individually in the Internet shop. In the process, the article number is produced dynamically by means of the customer input and is placed in the shopping basket.

By means of OpenConnect, the quantity of almost identical products in limited and thus clear arrangement is considerably increased for the customer. Data maintenance has to be carried out for the base types only.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Internet shop: TradePro
• Configure products yourself: TradePro OpenConnect
• Linkage to merchandise management, exchange of electronic commercial documents: ConnectPro

Make the articles available in the web shop on the Internet

Solution example: Make the articles available in the web shop on the Internet

ITB - Solutions for Internet shops and websites

Starting position

In addition to a paper catalogue, Müller GmbH wants to run a shop in the Internet, in which customers can order easily, and can view their prices negotiated. In the process, it is important that the same product descriptions and pictures are used.

In order to save time and money, the person responsible shall be able to maintain the editorial work. In addition, some large customers want to use their own desktop publishing system for ordering or want to top up their store by scanner. Finally, the orders received by Müller shall be mirrored to the merchandise management system.


The Product Information Management system of Müller GmbH also fills the Internet shop so that all publications are fed from one data pool. Customer-specific prices and editorial contents can be added comfortably to the Internet and TradePro CMS by Management Console, also by persons without any programming skills.

The OCI interface permits direct access to the Internet shop by SAP. By means of the USB scanner, the storehouse can be recorded and the order can be transferred to the shop immediately. Orders, no matter by which means, can be passed by e-mail message on to the person responsible or directly to the connector software in the merchandise management system.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Verknüpfung mit der Warenwirtschaft: MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Internet-Shop: TradePro
• Content-Management-System für die Pflege redaktioneller Inhalte: TradePro CMS
• Scanner-Lösung für das leichte Nachbestellen von Lagerbeständen: TradePro Scan
• Produkt-Konfigurator für konfigurierbare Artikel: TradePro OpenConnect
• Anbindung an SAP-Systeme Ihrer Kunden: TradePro OCI-Connector
• eProcurement-Funktionalität für Ihre Kunden: TradePro eProcurement
• Kunden-Dokumente als PDF im Shop: TradePro Kundenkonto

Enable spontaneous purchases

Enable spontaneous purchases

Spontane Einkäufe ermöglichen

Starting position

Managing Director Herbert Müller wants to extend the online strategy of the web shop. In future, not only regular customers, but also any random visitor to the website may purchase products of Müller AG. Nonetheless he want to make sure that he sells to solvent customers only.


By using TradePro Payment, Mr. Müller can be reassured. All customers who use the payment methods offered, such as credit card or PayPal, can cause an order only with valid payment data, and are charged directly in case of order. Thus, there is no risk for Müller AG to acquire customers not willing to pay.

Products used
• Internet shop: TradePro
• Payment handling: TradePro Payment

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