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Referenzen Hersteller
IPC Gansow GmbH

The company IPC located in the German town of Hamm supplies industrial cleaning machines for every area of application.

All product data are maintained centrally in the MeDaPro product information management system, and are rendered available to different marketing channels.

IP Gansow GmbH
Dreherstraße 9
59425 Unna
Tel.: 0 23 03 2580 - 0
Fax: 0 23 03 2580 - 199

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STS Systemtechnik Schänis GmbH

As a manufacturer in the field of punching, closing and fastening technology, STS Systemtechnik Schänis GmbH supplies the specialist trade, processing plants, OEM customers and industrial enterprises with their products.

The company relies on ITB for product data maintenance.

STS Systemtechnik Schänis GmbH
Feld 9 / Postfach
CH-8718 Schänis
tel: +41 55 619 68 00
fax: +41 55 619 68 68

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fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH

Fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH from the German town of Borgholzhausen as the leading manufacturer of transport trolleys relies on ConnectPro of ITB GmbH.

fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH
Industriestraße 17-21
33829 Borgholzhausen
tel: +49 (0) 5425/9494-0
fax: +49 (0) 5425/9494-24

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GEKA Karasto Amaturenfabrik Oehler GmbH

GEKA Karasto Amaturenfabrik Oehler GmbH supplies the specialist wholesalers in the field of technical trade, garden equipment, ironmonger trade, sanitary and construction material wholesalers with fittings.

The company uses MeDaPro to maintain its extensive product data and relies on the support of ITB.

KARASTO Armaturenfabrik
Oehler GmbH
Manfred-von-Ardenne-Allee 27
71522 Backnang
tel: +49 7191 3452-0
fax: +49 7191 3452-100

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ACO Passavant AG

ACO Passavant AG in Switzerland develops, produces and sells products in fields of building construction and civil engineering as well as building services.

ACO Passavant AG employs a staff of more than 115, and is leading in drainage and separation technology.

The ACO Group is internationally represented in more than 30 production location and with more than 60 sales companies in 40 countries.

ACO Passavant AG
Industrie Kleinzaun
CH-8754 Netstal
tel: +41 (0)55 645 53 00
fax: +41 (0)55 645 53 10

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detectomat GmbH

detectomat is a leading system supplier in fire detection technology and now relies on the MeDaPro product of ITB GmbH.

JOB Detectomat GmbH
An der Strusbek 5
22926 Ahrensburg
Tel.: +49 (4102) 2114 - 0
Fax:+49 (4102) 2114 - 70

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E. Georg Lüdecke Armaturen GmbH

For more than 80 years, Lüdecke Company has been the competent contact partner for coupling systems in construction and industry.

Lüdecke produces instruments for diverse branches for use by different media, which are sold internationally through specialist technical shops or by leading machine builders world-wide as original equipment.

E. Georg Lüdecke Armaturen GmbH
D-92224 Amberg
tel: +49 (9621) 76820
fax: +49 (9621) 76 82 99

Lechler GmbH

Lechler Company develops and produces atomization nozzles of different materials and belongs to the leading companies in the world market.

Lechler GmbH
Ulmer Strasse 128
D-72555 Metzingen
tel: +49 (7123) 962 - 0
fax: +49 (7123) 9 62 - 444

Hawa AG

Fittings for wood, glass and metal as well as furniture fittings.

Hawa AG
Sliding hardware systems
Untere Fischbachstrasse 4
CH-8932 Mettmenstetten
tel: +41 (62) 959 91 91
fax: +41 (55) 415 91 78

Creabeton AG

Precast concrete parts for building construction and civil engineering, road building as well as landscaping.

Creabeton Baustoff AG
CH-6221 Rickenbach LU
tel: +41 (848) 400 401


+49 2842 92737-0