MeDaPro BMEcat

MeDaPro BMEcat

Electronic catalogues in flexible formats

Using the central database in MeDePro, you can create electronic catalogue quickly and easily - whether for direct electronic trade between two business partners or for marketplaces and purchasing portals.

Depending on the requirements of the target platform, electronic catalogues can be set up by MeDaPro in different formats: BMEcat, Excel, Access and various XML and text formats are available in the process.

By means of various import modules, supplier data can be integrated in MeDaPro. Master data retrieved from merchandise management system as well as specific price and article information can supplement and specify these data. The graphic export assistant helps to allocate the information to the selected target format. Thus, the must and can fields are differentiated when creating a BMEcat. The user is guided through the process of catalogue creation from beginning to end.

BMEcat certification

MeDaPro BMEcat

ITB is the certification partner of BMEnet. On account of this partnership, ITB can check your electronic catalogue in BMEcat format as a service. When the test has been completed, BMEnet (a 100 per cent subsidiary of BME) will issue the certificate.

Standard quality - certification and classification

ITB is certification partner of BME and can officially certify your catalogues. In addition, MeDaPro can create catalogues on the basis of the known ecl@ss, proficl@ss, UNSP/SC and ETIM classifications. Then, the template structure of the chosen classification is filled with your own article data - on condition that the corresponding information is provided.

MeDaPro BMEcat

The aim Marketplace, Internet shop or ERP

And does the electronic catalogue get to your customers ? Depending on format, it can be sent by E-mail or placed in an electronic marketplace. As catalogue for the TradePro Internet shop, your assortment can be provided as your personal shopping environment on the Internet and can be coupled to SAP purchasing systems of your customers.

The graphic import and export interfaces permit an easy configuration for the most diverse target systems. Proposal values facilitate the creation of the catalogue.


All standard export formats are supported, such as xls/xlsx, mdb/accdb, txt, csv or BMEcat (picture).


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