MeDaPro ERP-Connector

MeDaPro ERP-Connector

Link to ERP / merchandise management system - safe workflow with MeDaPro ERP connector

MeDaPro ERP-Connector

ERP connector links MeDaPro to the merchandise management system. MeDaPro accesses defined information reading the merchandise management system.

By using ERP connectors in combination with MeDaPro, no double update of article information is required.

Prices and designations as well as packing units, minimum order quantities or customer-specific article numbers are taken from the ERP system. As soon as an article has been set up in the merchandise management system, it will appear in MeDaPro as well. Thus, article set up is quick, easy, and in a timely manner.

Standard adapters can be used today to link a number of ERP systems.

By means of the ODBC adapter it is possible also to link other ERP systems quickly and safely. The ERP system remains the leading system.


Example of Solution

Taking over article data from ERP

Müller GmbH links its Navision merchandise management system to the Product Information Management system. By means of the Navision Standard Connector, the information is automatically taken from ERP and newly included articles and prices are displayed.

In this way, information must not be entered twice.




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