MeDaPro FlipCatalog

MeDaPro FlipCatalog

Online catalogue for scrolling with MeDaPro FlipCatalog

FlipCatalog brings your paper catalogue into the Internet perfectly. Instead of using the hand, your customer uses the mouse.

Catalogues set up with MeDaPro Publish can be implemented for the Internet quickly and easily with MeDaPro FlipCatalog. The advantage No laborious and cost-intensive shipment; updates are possible easily; order of customers can accepted directly online and can be further processes without any detours. The customer must not get used to a new ordering interface, but navigates in the layout known to him. Like in a paper catalogue, your products can be presented entirely independent of technical framework conditions.

Interactive additional functions

Interactive additional functions make the use of the FlipCatalog even more convenient: In miniature overview, a quick overview of the catalogue pages is possible. The automatically prepared table of contents permits easy navigation and the zoom function for a detailed view of the requested product. If the article suits you, the product page can be saved completely as a PDF, which can be passed on or archived.

Ordering made easy - link to the TradePro shop

Not only scrolling, but ordering as well: Both is possible by linking the FlipCatalog to the TradePro Internet shop. In this way orders can be passed on to your merchandise management system directly.

Sahlberg - Technische Produkte

open FlipCatalog

Bierbaum Proenen - BP Gourmet

FlipCatalog Bierbaum Proenen
open FlipCatalog

The advantages at a glance:

  • Realistic presentation of the scrolling effect
  • Cross-media identical presentation of products: The same catalogue on the Internet as on paper
  • Saving of individual pages as PDF
  • Order functions
  • Automatic preparation directly from MeDaPro - no additional manual work required

Example of Solution

Paper catalogue on the Internet?

MeDaPro Publish produces a catalogue document, which subsequently is published on the Internet as a flip catalogue using MeDaPro FlipCatalog. The FlipCatalog looks the same as the paper catalogue. Orders pass through TradePro and ConnectPro to the ERP.



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