MeDaPro iPadCatalog

MeDaPro iPadCatalog

Offline shopping on iPad

The iPad catalogue forges a link between online and offline purchase and is intended especially for mobile users, who want to order conveniently, easily and quickly alone or together with others. The module combines the advantages of MeDaPro FlipCatalog with the advantages of iPad platform, and thus is a perfect companion for your salespersons.

One catalogue - one app

Do you have one main catalogue only ? Perfect - in this case you can use MeDaPro iPad module to let this convert to a catalogue app or can do so yourself. We will deal with the accreditation in the Apple Store. Your customer can search your app in Apple Store and can download easily. Your individual app icon makes you unmistakeable on the terminal equipment of your user. You can update the catalogue as often as required - however, you will need a new accreditation beforehand.

Bookshelf variant for several catalogues and brochures

Many companies have several catalogues today - be it for several assortments, image brochures, product flyers or simply several language issues of the same catalogue. With the bookshelf variant of the iPad catalogue, you are perfectly flexible when it comes to updating and the replacement of publications.

In contrast to the individual catalogue app, the bookshelf variant offers a framework, a so-called bookshelf, which works as actual app. For the individual app this is setup by ITB and is accredited with Apply Store for you. After accreditation you can add, update or erase all publications as required.

The number of complete publications is unlimited. You can upload individual catalogues with ordering function, but also mere PDFs, such as image brochures. Like in the individual app, you customer can download your bookshelf in Apple Store. Upon request he can download new catalogues from your server and have them displayed on his iPad. Provided he allows, he is informed by push information. You yourself are completely independent of the Apple accreditation.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Integration in your app landscape as mobile application with your requested icon or optionally as bookshelf variant for several catalogues
  • Easy scrolling and zooming by known touch technology
  • Navigation and search can be integrated as buttons
  • The app can be used offline perfectly
  • During dispatch, the integrated shopping basket uses the e-mail functions of iPad - synchronization is carried out as you want
  • Bookshelf function, several catalogues in one system
  • Support of portrait / landscape format

Example of Solution

iPadCatalog with shopping basket function

MeDaPro Publish or MeDaPro FastPage is used to prepare a catalogue document which is converted to a catalogue app by MeDaPro iPadCatalog. As Mrs Gläser wants to publish several catalogues, she chose the bookshelf variant. Müller AG bookshelf app is published in Apple Store. Subsequently, Mrs Gläser can upload new catalogue variants easily, thus rendering them available to the customers.



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