MeDaPro Multichannel Connector

MeDaPro Multichannel Connector

Live platforms provided with catalogue data

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You want  dock platforms, purchase systems or similar to MeDaPro ? The solution is the Multichannel Connector. In a user-friendly manner, it offers the possibility of configuration all interfaces of the ITB products by a single surface, and to render available your data in livestream for foreign streams.

All ITB interfaces are technically combined to the outside by the Multichannel Connector. This comprises catalogue data and structures, live prices and stocks as well as the transfer of the order to the ERP system. As requested, platforms or systems can take hold of individual components. If a hierarchy shall be displayed, the MeDaPro catalogue data are accessed. In the detailed article sections, prices and stocks are a matter of concern which in this moment are taken live from the ERP.

Issue in various languages

The Multichannel Connector is especially thrilling in combination with the automation server. This permits a time-controlled issue of the requested data without you have to intervene manually. The analysis tool supplied permits the detailed evaluation of the data called off so that your multichannel activities can be improved specifically.

Example of Solution

Operating Live catalogue by Simple System

Mr Joachim Witt, the purchasing manager of Industrie AG, wants to buy at Müller GmbH electronically. Like his other suppliers, Müller Company shall render its catalogue available to Simple System platform. For Mr Witt it is important that Müller displays the articles available and prices of the master contract, and that an order receives the Schulze order number in order to facilitate subsequent allocation of the delivery.



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