MeDaPro Online

MeDaPro Online

Online maintenance or integration in ERP as staff info system - with MeDaPro Online

Worldwide maintenance on the Internet or locally on the Intranet

MeDaPro Online

Availability of data through Internet - this is possible by MePaPro Online.

In the online module, such functions are rendered available worldwide, which are of importance for decentral maintenance. In the process, the latest web techniques are used always.

Staff using MeDaPro Online access the data stock in their company directly. In this way no information is maintained double.

Data can be viewed in two languages in parallel for translation. For article information not translated, the selected master language is used automatically, such as technical data.

MeDaPro Online

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Staff of own company or a partner company can view article data decentrally by the Internet
  • No installation required - a standard browser is sufficient for access
  • The language of the user interface can be configured randomly
  • Integration into ERP including adaptation of visualisation
  • Parallel viewing possibility of two random languages directly next to each other
  • Independent of platform as the use is possible in many current browsers
  • Sorting according to article and release status

Example of Solution

Location-independent article care

Mr Ballier, as well as Mrs Meyer access the product data by the online care surface. Mrs Mayer can view the data bilingually even by displaying her favored languages next to each other. Translations become a child's play in this way.

Mr Ballier, in turn, can access these data in detail during talks with customers - from every web-enabled device.



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