MeDaPro Sync

MeDaPro Sync

Data synchronisation with partners - comparison of information with MeDaPro Sync

MeDaPro Sync

You are working in cooperation with other manufacturers or dealers ?

Every partner maintains the local MeDaPro installation for a certain article area. MeDaPro Sync makes sure that the articles are available in all MeDaPro installations connected. By means of specific assignment of permissions it is ensured that every company can maintain its own data area.

Thus, the data are available to all partners: They retain their individuality and responsiveness to the market, and nonetheless save costs by joint data maintenance.

Example of Solution

Decentralised maintaining assortment

Both companies use a central Product Information Management system which can be synchronised through the Internet. In this way, every clerk can maintain his or her field, which overnight or by online connection is regularly compared with the partner.



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