Covid-19: ITB current operation continues

ITB will support the fight against the Covid-19 virus with all available means.

We prepared ourselves early on and have the technical requirements for mobile working. This enables us to protect our employees and their families and at the same time to look after and support our customers in the usual quality.

  • From Monday 16.03.2020 9.00 a.m. 90% of all ITB employees will work from their home office.
  • All employees can be reached at the usual telephone numbers.
  • At the Kamp-Lintfort location we will ensure the technical operation of the servers with a reduced hull team.
  • Our support team is available for all questions concerning MeDaPro/TradePro/ConnectPro as usual via email and under +49 (0) 2842 92 737-77 or -78.
  • For all other questions, you can reach us as usual at +49 (0) 2842 92 737 0.
  • We conduct training and project discussions online via Microsoft teams or teamviewer.

All projects will be continued according to the defined project plans. We currently do not expect any restrictions in operation.

Our project managers are also available for new projects. Especially the home office is ideal for the concentrated maintenance of your product data.

You too can help, limit your social contacts. This will delay the spread of the virus.

We are firmly convinced that we can face and master the challenges together.

Your ITB-Team

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