Goeke provides power

Goeke Intermedia has now made available to customers a new battery shop with more than 5,000 articles. Goeke is one of the most important specialist wholesalers for battery and accumulator technology in Germany. The customers include industrial companies, trading houses as well as more than 2,500 specialist dealers and a number of various specialist companies.

For this reason the shop is presented as a pure B2B solution. The Goeke shop team headed by Purchasing Manager Marc Franke has tailor-made TradePro perfectly for the needs of the wholesalers and retailers of electronic articles. “As in classic B2B shop, our customers have access only  to their articles with their prices negotiated using their individual login”, explains Marc Franke. Nonetheless other articles are displayed which without prices cannot be ordered, however. “We hope to benefit from an upselling effect by the fact that the customer receives a display of other and potentially higher-quality products”, explains Marc Franke.

The brand overview is used as a shortcut to the requested product, the clickable tiles of which in the background have been provided with a FactFinding algorithm. If the customer clicks a brand name, the corresponding articles of the brand are listed with other filter possibilities.

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