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In early summer, Holder Company from the town of Wels in Austria decided in favour of the ITB solution of MeDaPro. A few months later, the team around Katharina Fürst, Departmental Manager for Strategic Purchase and Article Master Data Administration, had already created just under half a million articles in MeDaPro and had optimised them for issue.

“From stable to table”, the main catalogue “Sanitary” and “Installation” are now available with 1,000 pages each which has been published with MeDaPro FastPage.

By means of MeDaPro FastPage and PublishDirect, the different net pricelists are created for heating and sanitary companies. The publications which in parts are specific to regions have 200 to 400 pages on average, and are produced at Holder Company right up to printing. To ensure quick production, one template each is used for each catalogue.

The special highlight: By means of the QR code, the scanner of Holter customers are supplied with direct information, which is passed on to the Holter website as well. In order to use information from PIM especially varied, images and product data from MeDaPro are used in ERP and the shop as well.

“On account of intensive training, we have taken ITB FastPage to the limits of the feasible”, reports Katarina Fürst, who is supported by her deputy Julia Kristl. “But, we have reached our aim of producing a main catalogue within one year.”

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