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Whether for a paper catalogue or an electronic catalogue, such as BMEcat, for datasheets or flyers: With the Product Information Management system MeDaPro, you maintain product data centrally at one point in the company. The ideal link to the ERP-system as well as to numerous import and export possibilities in various formats make MeDaPro to the key for efficient and low-cost catalogue creation. Maintain your products online and synchronise your data with those of your partner.
MeDaPro, die Module
  • MeDaPro: By means of the Product Information Management system you can produce paper and electronic catalogues using a central datebase.
  • MeDaPro Translation Manager: The MeDaPro Translation Manager enables you to translate your product data easily into all Unicode-based languages.
  • MeDaPro Publish: Graphically designed brochures with MeDaPro Publish
    The creative way to prepare paper catalogues automatically. Issue your data in an automated process in Adobe InDesign.
  • MeDaPro Publish Direct: Directly from the maintenance mask you can publish the article groups in Adobe InDesign by means of defined templates.
  • MeDaPro FastPage: Publish pricelists, datasheets and customer-specific catalogues quickly and inexpensively on the printer or as PDF. FastPage is an integral part of MeDaPro basic package and is delivered with it - it is not available separately.
  • MeDaPro FlipCatalog: FlipCatalog brings your paper catalogue into the Internet perfectly.
    Instead of using the hand, you use the mouse.
  • MeDaPro iPadCatalog: Present your product catalogues mobile and touch controlled on Apple iPad.
  • MeDaPro Shop on CD: Order comfortably, even without connection to the Internet - interactive PDF with shopping basket functions makes it possible.
  • MeDaPro Online: Maintain your products worldwide by Internet or locally in the Intranet - multilingual as well.
  • MeDaPro ERP-Connector: Connect MeDaPro Product Information System to your merchandise management system and maintain your data at one point only in the company.
  • MeDaPro Sync: Ideal for cooperation. Every partner maintains his / her own article range only in the product information management system, but all can profit from the common data.
  • MeDaPro Multichannel Connector: Multichannel Connector enables interfaces to be connected up to external systems and to be configured through a graphic interface.
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By means of Internet shop TradePro you bring your product data into the Internet very easily. Set up the customer-specific assortment with special prices; offer your customers an easy product configurator and the complete integration in SAP and other merchandise management systems by OCI interface. TradePro Scan scanner solution is integrated seamlessly into TradePro and permits easy follow-up orders of stock. One shop is not enough? By means of TradePro CMS you can extend the editorial content of your Website completely on your own - whether company presentation or regular newsletters.
TradePro, die Module
  • TradePro: The Internet shop ensures adequate presentation of your product data on the Internet and offers versatile extension options.
  • TradePro CMS: The Content Management System permits you to set up and maintain the editorial contents of your online presence yourself.
  • TradePro FACT-Finder: Searching as quick as lightning makes finding and sorting even easier in TradePro shop.
  • TradePro Mobile: The mobile version of TradePro permits ordering on the road on all mobile terminal devices.
  • TradePro Label: A module for TradePro, with which your customers can set up and print labels for their products independently.
  • TradePro Newsletter: Use TradePro newsletter module to send out news, offers and editorial contents to different lists of recipients.
  • TradePro eTracker: The statistics system is integrated into TradePro and provides valuable indications on utilisation rates and click paths.
  • TradePro eProcurement: The gateway to eProcurement for your customers: Administer buyers and cost centres online; approve and decline orders.
  • TradePro ERP Direct: Render offers and invoices available to your customers individually as PDF document.
  • TradePro Payment: Enable your customers to easily order and pay by credit card and PayPal.
  • TradePro OpenConnect: Complex articles can be individually configured by TradePro OpenConnect and can be ordered through the Internet shop.
  • TradePro OCI-Connector: The OCI interface of the Internet shop permits your customers to send orders to you directly from SAP®.
  • TradePro Scan: The easy scanner solution for the Internet shop reduces ordering errors, and saves time and costs.
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Automatically dispatch business documents, such as orders, shipping notifications and invoices - ConnectPro makes this possible. The business connector software works as transporter and transformer at the same time, and can be docked flexibly to any merchandise management system. On account of a large number of operable EDI formats (EDIFACT, VDA, XML, et cetera), an easy and safe enty to electronic trading.
  • ConnectPro: From order to invoice: By ConnectPro your business documents are sent to your customers and suppliers electronically and automatically.
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