Reference Paper Catalogues

Afag Automation AG: Handling Construction Kit Catalogue

The Handling Construction Kit Catalogue of Afag Automation AG with 598 pages was created with sixteen different layouts. The catalogue has a print run of 2,000 copies.

ACO Passavant AG

The “Components Price List” of ACO Passavant AG comprises six different layouts on 540 pages. The price list has been printed 300 times.

Ammon Beschläge-Handels GmbH: Building Hardware Design & Technology

With five different layouts, Ammon Beschläge-Handels GmbH has created a catalogue titled “Building Hardware Design & Technology”. The catalogue has 1,330 pages and a print run of 4,500 copies.

Carl Nolte Technik GmbH: Catalogue No. 14 - Occupational Safety

The “Catalogue No. 14 - Occupational Safety” with nine layouts on 414 pages has been created by Carl Nolte Technik GmbH with a print run of 3,500 copies.

Carl Wilh. Meyer GmbH & Co. KG: Metal Construction Catalogue

The “Metal Construction Catalogue” of Carl Wilhelm Mayer GmbH & Co. KG has a print run of 3,500 copies and contains seven layout on 1,080 pages.

DICTUM GmbH: Gartenkatalog GartenwerkzeugeDICTUM GmbH: Garden Catalogue - Gardening Tools

The “Garden Catalogue - Gardening Tools” catalogue of DICTUM GmbH has been prepared in the languages German and English. It has six layout on 44 pages and has been printed with a run of 2,000 copies.

HG COMMERCIALE: Terrace and Balcony Slabs

The “Terrace and Balcony Slabs” catalogue of HG COMMERCIALE comprises twenty page in landscape format with five different layouts. This catalogue has a print run of 10,000 copies.

KARASTO Armaturenfabrik: GEKA Catalogue

KARASTO Armaturenfabrik has published the “GEKA Catalogue” with a print run on 1,000 copies. This catalogue contains three layouts on 166 pages.

Kloska Group: Everything a ship needs

With a print run on 10,000 copies, Kloska Group has prepared a catalogue of 498 pages titled “Everything a ship needs” rendering eleven layouts.

Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG: Drive Technology - Standard Elements

Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG has published a catalogue of 884 pages with forty different layouts titled “Drive Technology - Standard Elements”. This catalogue has been printed 7,000 times.

Mader GmbH: Handling Technology

Thirteen layouts on 216 pages were produced in the “Handling Technology” catalogue of Mader GmbH. This catalogue has a print run of 4,000 copies.

Mader GmbH: Pneumatic Components / Connection Technology

The “Pneumatic Components / Connection Technology” catalogue of Mader GmbH has seven layouts on 618 pages with a print run of 6,000 copies.

Mainmetall Großhandelsges. m. b. H.: Price list - Installation - Roofing

The "Price list - Installation - Roofing" with seventeen layouts on 1,800 pages has been published by Mainmetall Großhandelsges. m. b. H. with print run of 33,900 copies.

Paul Lange & CO. OHG: Complete Catalogue

The “Complete Catalogue” of Paul Lange & CO. OHG comprises 1,010 page with five different layouts. 7,500 copies of this catalogue have been printed.

Profix AG: Fastening Technology

The “Fastening Technology” catalogue of 260 pages issued by Profix AG includes twelve different layouts and has a circulation of 2,000 copies.

REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH: Complete Catalogue - Technical Products

REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH has prepared a catalogue with nine layouts in the “Complete Catalogue - Technical Products” catalogue on 1,640 pages. The catalogue has a print run of 22,000 copies.

SAHLBERG GmbH & Co. KG: Technical Catalogue

The “Technical Catalogue” of Sahlberg GmbH & Co. KG contains seven layout on 1,372 pages. This catalogue has been printed 6,000 times.

Schrauben-Jäger AG: Fastening Technology

With the “Fastening Technology” catalogue, Schrauben-Jäger AG has prepared a catalogue of 464 pages with two different layouts. The catalogue has a print run of 7,500 copies.

Strenge GmbH & CO. KG: Compact Packing

The “Compact Packing” catalogue contains twelve different layouts on 100 pages and circulation of 4,000 copies and has been prepared by Strenge GmbH & CO. KG.

Taff Tool AG: “Gschiids Werkzüg” (decent tools)

On a total of 32 pages, Taff Tool AG has issued its catalogue “Gschiids Werkzüg” (decent tools). The catalogue has a print run of 500 copies, and has been prepared with ten different layouts.


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