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The management

Herbert Müller is the managing director of Müller GmbH. The company has a merchandise management system in which master data and prices are listed.

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The marketing

Mrs. Sabine Gläser is responsible for marketing at Müller GmbH, and would like to inform about products and the company by different means.

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The sales

Mr Oliver Schwarz is active with Müller GmbH as sales manager, and among other things defines offer prices for certain products each month.

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The data management

Mrs Andrea Schulte of Müller GmbH is responsible for article and assortment care.

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The IT Department

Mr Dirk Meyer is the IT Manager at Müller GmbH and wants to link various systems to MeDaPro.

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The graphics

Mr Jürgen Hartmann is employed in the Graphics Department, and wants to design catalogues, flyers and brochures quickly and efficiently.

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The warehouse

Mrs Petra Schneider is responsible for the warehouse of Industrie AG and wants to organise work processes more fault-free.

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The purchase

Mr Joachim Witt is the Purchasing Manager of Industrie AG and administers the cost centres of several departments.

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