TradePro eProcurement-Modul

TradePro eProcurement-Modul

The eProcurement module complements TradePro by real eProcurement functionalities

The new buyer cockpit offers a real separation between purchaser, cost centre and user.

Full control of all purchasing processes

TradePro eProcurement-Modul

The purchasing manager has full control. For example, the said can create other users, which he assigns to cost centres. Such as a user can also purchase for several cost centres.

In addition, the purchaser can assign purchasing budgets for individual users as well as for individual cost centres. The budgets can limited to months, years or individually defined period of time.

The purchaser can also display all data sorted according to user or cost centre. By summarising all data in the eProcurement module he continues to have a comprehensive overview of all orders carried out and coming up.

In addition, he can release all orders quickly and easily, and can decline them with or without reasons.

The user set up by the purchasing manager can / must assign the relevant cost centre for the purchase position in the shopping basket.

The highlights

  • No license costs for your customers
  • No costs for third-party providers, such as marketplaces
  • Separation of cost centres and purchasers
  • Integrated budget function
  • Integrated approval workflow

Example of Solution

Customer has several cost centres

Müller GmbH has set up a shop access for Mr Meyer, who has the rights for user setup and administration. With immediate effect, Mr Meyer himself can set up a user account for all purchasing employees, can allocate one or several cost centres, and can define budgets for various periods. If the budget is exceeded, the order is sent to Mr Meyer for approval. The cost centre information is included during the entire order handling. This facilitates the processes on both sides.



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