TradePro ERP Direct

Direct access to online and offline order data in the shop with TradePro ERP Direct

TradePro ERP Direct

The search for offers or invoices has an end with TradePro ERP Direct. Your customer can view and print all his documents by his shop access, entirely independent of place and time.

Full order information by download at any time.

Depending on the merchandise management system, you can render available different format to your customer. From individual order confirmation and delivery note to invoice you can offer the documents in PDF format or any other special format for download.

Editing and sending offers online

TradePro ERP Direct cannot only render available statistical values to your customers. For the customers it is also possible to download offers, to process them online and to send them directly or to save them on the computer as an UGL file. TradePro ERP Direct is a separate module which is set up individually for you by link to your merchandise management system.

The highlights:

  • Direct display of all documents
  • Edit offers online and convert into orders
  • Differentiation of various article statuses, such as stock items or order items
  • Display in a special format possible, such as UGL

Example of Solution

Rendering available documents online

Müller GmbH connects its Internet shop smoothly with the merchandise management system. In this way, documents, which are produced there and/or saved, can be visualised in the shop for every customer.

No matter whether by facsimile, telephone or the Internet, the customer can pass on his or her order, and can look at it on the website. Individual order positions can be chosen and ordered from offers, independent of the office hours of Müller GmbH.



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