TradePro Label

TradePro Label

Setting up label at the customer - TradePro Label

TradePro Label

TradePro Label has been created especially for dealers and manufacturers with B2B customers.

 The module permits your customers and resellers to place the article from their TradePro shop into a label list, and to print it easily on the local printer.

 The processes are streamlined enormously. No repeat orders of labels, no transposed digits when stating article numbers, no time delay when confectioning the warehouse: these are the advantages of the TradePro Label.

 The equipment is easy: TradePro Label is set up as additional module in your TradePro. Together with you, we define one or several label templates. These are deposited in the module. Upon request, the size can be adapted to your desired format. After printing, your customer only needs to attach the label to the storage, when required scanning, and passing to TradePro by USB as usual. A circulation without predetermined breaking points.

TradePro Label

The advantages at a glance:

  • Process streamlining in case of label preparation between you and your customers
  • Independent of opening times, account managers and shipping options
  • Little effort, but high use for the customer
  • Customer loyalty by integrated processes
  • Label templates are extendable randomly, and can be adapted flexibly to your desired format.

In the label selection, you can place one or several labels at disposal of your customer.


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