TradePro Scan

TradePro Scan

Simply scan the article and order

TradePro Scan offers the possibility of considerably accelerating the delivery process, thus saving time and costs. Simply scan absent articles from the stock. By the ideal integration of TradePro Scan in the TradePro Internet shop, all scanned articles are transferred into the shopping basket in a few seconds only after connecting the mobile scanner to a PC.

There the order can be adjusted upon request and is confirmed by mouse click. Thus, it is possible to reduce the ordering process by more than 70 percent - for your customers this a considerable added value and for you a real competitive advantage.


Produce labels yourself using FastPage

The labels can be produced by yourself very easily using MeDaPro FastPage. The data required are taken from the customer base of the TradePro Internet shop automatically, and need to be supplemented only by the respective order quantity. On account of the sophisticated barcode system, the article number and the order quantity are saved in the mobile scanner in one process only.

TradePro Scan
1. Check of the inventory and determination of the order quantity 2. Determination of the goods ordered by scanner and barcode 3. Transfer of the recorded order data to TradePro shop 4. After confirmation of the order, the delivery can be carried out

The advantages at a glance:

  • Clear inventory order
  • Efficient merchandise management without time-consuming ordering processes
  • No time-consuming collection of order items
  • Absolute safe disposition
  • Low introductory costs
TradePro Scan

Your order data are present on the adhesive label as well as on the double-sided printed slide-in for shelves. The front side of the slide-in contains the same data as the adhesive label.

By simply turning the slide-in to the front, the article is marked as “ORDERED”.

Example of Solution

Reorder articles from the store

The warehouse worker has a key ring of USB scanners, with which he passes through the warehouse and reads in the labels of the articles to be reordered. After the round tour, the scanner is connected up to the PC and the order is transferred to the shopping basket of the shop. There it can be checked and supplemented before it is sent to Müller electronically.



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