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Mrs Petra Schneider is responsible for the warehouse of Industrie AG and wants to organise work processes more fault-free.

Reorder articles from the store

Solution example: Reorder articles from the store

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Starting position

Industie AG has some articles of Müller Company on stock which are reordered several times a month. For this purpose, the warehouse worker passes through the rows of shelves and writes down the respective article numbers and designations on a form which he hands to the Purchasing Department.

In the Purchasing Department the order is issued and sent to Müller by facsimile. Unfortunately many mistakes occur in this way which have to be solved by telephone.


The warehouse worker has a key ring of USB scanners, with which he passes through the warehouse and reads in the labels of the articles to be reordered.

After the round tour, the scanner is connected up to the PC and the order is transferred to the shopping basket of the shop. There it can be checked and supplemented before it is sent to Müller electronically.

Products used
• Product information management system: MeDaPro
• Connection with merchandise management: MeDaPro ERP-Connector
• Internet shop: TradePro
• Scanner solution: TradePro Scan
• Preparing TradePro scan labels (optional): MeDaPro FastPage

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